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Designed to either work on a phone or tablet supporting through mobile browser. All data is live and has been designed to be a more simplified version of the full program. The interface on what shows and functions allowed are governed by user type. Foreman by default can view RFIs and Submittals by a simple click. Interface designed to work easily with workers with gloves on in the field. Foreman have the ability to add Daily Reports and internal Issues to be communicated to the PMs and office. PMs have further abilities to respond to Issues generated by the field and also given the ability to send RFIs out directly to customers. All users have the ability to view Plans and are given current set by default to reduce mistakes of old plans mistakenly selected. Full annotation ability is available to create Issue or RFI directly from a plan. Also users have expanded ability to overlay plan versions to easily see items removed in Red and items added in Blue.

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Works Great on Phones

The interface is responsive and will automatically adjust to your devices screen. Easily click a phone number and dial a contact or click the "Directions" and it will automatically kick off your maps and direct you to their location.

New native iOS and Android apps are available to be downloaded through the iStore or Google Play in the first quarter of 2021. Plans can be downloaded while internet exists to view plans if internet is not available while field workers are in the basement or out of range of a strong signal.

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FULL Version available on mobile in addition to mobile version

Many different softwares only work on certain browsers, Bidtracer makes sure that every feature works in every browser for your flexibility. We support the main browsers: Edge, IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. In some cases users which need full functionality can use browser and select full version to access all the features of Bidtracer.

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