Project Management

Seamless from on-site to office

Contact/Labor Management

Manage Internal & External Contacts
Automated Logs/Reports to Contacts
Track Docs to Contacts
Create Gantt Schedule for Labor


RFI's/Change Orders/Billing

Track CO Statuses
Track RFI's
Create CO's from RFI's
Set CO Labor Rates
AIA Type Billing Forms



Template Letters
Custom Letters/Emails
Transmittal Generation/Tracking



Quickly Create Submittal Requests
Invite Vendor to Upload Submittals
Create Submittal Binders with a Click
Send Submittals via Link
Track Submittal Statuses
Integrated with Vendor for Collaboration



Create PO's (Integrated with Bids)
Create Subcontracts (Integrated with Bids)
Equipment Buy Out
Bill of Material Import for Buyout


Document Management

Unlimited Storage Space
All Document Types
Upload Docs/Emails from Outlook
Plan Management

easy project overview

Project trees gives you ability to see everything being tracked within your project with different breakdowns.  

Navigate through current project or quickly jump to others assigned to you.  

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Project Overview Snip
Mobile Feature SnipMobile Log

MObile designed for Project managers and foremen

Give Project Managers all aspects of the project while not needing to build excel reports for meetings with clients. PMs can quickly print or email RFI overdue, Submittals and Change Orders logs with a couple clicks. PMs can either take issues submitted by foreman or create new RFIs with ability to easily annotate plans.

Foreman have access to parts of the projects that your company sets up such as Equipment Log, Submittals, Issues (internal RFIs), current and previous plans with ability to view all related RFI/CORs.

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Manpower scheduling

Create power Gantt schedules without Microsoft Project.   Track percentage complete and assign users to specific tasks.  

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Gantt Schedule
Plan Management

Plan Management

Easily manage all plan changes occurring during a project through construction bulletins. Foremen in the field and subcontractors view current set by default but can easily switch to full mode to view previous versions with annotation capabilities.

Plan associations show the RFIs and CORs that were generated from specified plans.

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Submittal Tracking

Decrease the amount of time it takes to track construction submittals. Ability to create a submittal package with a coversheet, table of contents and tab sheets in between each submittal.

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Submittal Tracking
Change Order Request

Change Orders

Do more than track CORs, easily invite subcontractors and vendors to bid on specific change bulletins. Project Managers can easily print change order logs in the field or automatically.

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Budget Tracking

Automatically drop in budget templates and tie to time & attendance tracking to give Project Managers quick live summaries of where projects stand.

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Budget Tracking
Schedule of Values

Schedule of values - progress billing

Track your progress billing of the amount of work and stored by monthly applications. Ability to go backwards and rollback to previous applications. Extends what any accounting system can do with Schedule of Values.  

SOV are tied to change orders so when CORs are approved or executed they will be added automatically to the schedule to make sure they are not missed.

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